Swift Dyslexia Services is proud to showcase our full programme of lessons. Each section is aligned to the National Curriculum  to ensure that progress is transferred into the classroom.  Your child will join the programme at the point that is perfect for them. Each section is 25 lessons in length. Lessons are available on Saturdays. The cost is £160 per half term.


A short placement test is carried out before your child attends lessons. This is essential in order to find the perfect starting point. This session is 30 minutes in length and a short report containing achievable targets is produced. The cost of this session is £25.


This block of lessons is designed for children at the start of their reading and writing journey. This could be children that are in Key Stage 1 who have found it difficult to acquire literacy skills or older children that have significant gaps in their understanding of phonics. They will learn all initial letter names and sounds, alphabet sequence and how to read single syllable words.


This block of lessons is aligned to phase 3 of letters and sounds (phonics). Your child will be introduced to digraphs (2 letters making one sound such as ‘sh’) and trigraphs (3 letters making one sound such as ‘igh’). They will be able to read and write words with more than one syllable. This is perfect if your child did not pass the year 1 phonic screening. 


This block of lessons works on the trickier elements of phonics. Alternative sounds will be learned for the same spelling pattern such as ‘ow’ in ‘now’ and ‘window’. This aligns to phase 5 of letters and sounds with added strategies that are not taught in school. This section is often the part that children struggle to learn in school using traditional teaching methods.


This is a separate course from the other sections and is designed for children that are older and require accelerated learning. Therefore these lessons are open to children in year 4 and above. All children will be required to achieve a certain level of attainment in order to join this group. This will be determined through the placement test. 

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